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Hee Kyung Choi
Guest Researcher

+45 3532 9500
Research areas: 

Nordic social policy, Nordic civic values and voluntary work, qualitative methodology

Selected publications: 

Books published

Choi, HeeKyung. (2013). Local Green Governance Based on the Environmental Responsibility: A Case Study of Two Swedish Regions, Göteborg and Norrköping. Seoul: JipMoonDang. (With a research grant from Asan Foundation in Hyundai Corporation Group)

______. (2007). Medical Professional Conflicts and Health Care Policy in Korea. Seoul: Jisik-Sanupsa. (Won a prize for Best Books of the Year 2008)

______. (2009). “Social Welfare Policy under an Economic Crisis in Korea: 1998 vs. 2008”. In Jung, MuKwon.(eds.) Debate on the Characteristics of Korean Welfare Regime. Seoul: Human and Welfare. pp.371-396.


Articles published (selective)

Choi, Hee Kyung. (2017). The Social Engineering Approach in Public Housing: Swedish Experiences of Municipal Housing Companies. Space and Society. 27(3): 141-189.

Choi, Hee Kyung and Lee, S.C.(2016). Health Impact of Urban Planning: An Inquiry Comparing Sweden and Korea.Journal of the Korean Urban Management Association. 29(4): 33-66.

Choi, Hee Kyung. (2013). Designing a participatory Model of Environmental Policy Based on Scientific and Technological Citizenship: Learning from the Swedish and Danish Cases. Space and Society. 23(3): 5-51.

______. (2013).  A Study of Shifts in Swedish Local Environmental Governance: A Case Study of LA21, LIP and Klimp. Korean Governance Review.20(1): 25-53.

______. (2012). Designing Environment-Friendly Governance to Promote Public Health: A Comparative Study of Swedish and Korean Cases. Korean Public Administration Quarterly.24(3): 729-754. With a research grant from National Research Foundation of Korea.

______. (2010). An Analysis of Health Care Policy Changes with Monetary Interests of the Medical Profession. Health and Social Sciences. 27: 133-165. With a research grant from KNU.

______. (2008). To Use or Not to Use a Software Package for Qualitative Data Analysis…?: Comparing the NVivo2 Approach with a ‘Traditional’ Manual Approach. Korean Journal of Policy Analysis and Evaluation. 18(1): 123-152

______. (2007). An Analysis of the Dynamic Process of Setting Fees for Medical Services. Health and Social Science.22: 67-96.

______. (2006). How Can Research Integrity and Confidentiality be Compatible? Korean Public Administration Review. 40(3): 1-25.

______. (2006). Comparing Policy Lobbying of Three Major Medical Professions in Korea. Korean Policy Studies Review. 15(3): 35-72.

______. (2005). How to Approach and Interview Elites in Field Research: A Case Study of Health Care Policy Process. Korean Policy Studies Review. 14(3): 155-182.

______. (2004). An Analysis on the Process of Setting Fees for Medical and Pharmaceutical Services in the National Health Insurance and the Role of the Government in the Process. Korean Public Administration Review. 38(2): 127-148.