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Alexandra Kent
Senior Researcher, Dr.

(+46) 739149877
Research areas: 

Cambodia, religion, healing, politics, conflict management, justice


I have conducted anthropological studies in India, Malaysia and Cambodia and in each case examined various aspects of religious activity. This has included exploring the interplay between religion and politics, religion in relation to trauma and healing, and the workings of gender in the realm of religion. My doctoral research explored the political and ethnic dimensions of a neo-Hindu movement in Malaysia. Since 2002, I have worked on post-conflict social recovery in Cambodia. This has involved research on the revival of Buddhism and on the Khmer Rouge Tribunal. I am currently working on an archival study entitled 'Harmony Through History: Conflict Management during the Colonial Era in Cambodia'. This project examines the relationship between colonial and customary processes of conflict management in historical context.

Selected publications: 

My doctoral work was published in 2005 as a monograph entitled Divinity and Diversity: A Hindu Revitalisation Movement in Malaysia. Copenhagen: NIAS Press.

My research on Cambodia has given rise to a number of book chapters and articles in international journals and to a co-edited volume entitled People of Virtue: reconfiguring religion, power and moral order in Cambodia today, Alexandra Kent and David Chandler, 2008, Copenhagen: NIAS Press.