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Postgraduate Research Workshop: Your research in context

Monday, May 3, 2021 to Thursday, May 6, 2021


Co-hosted by the Sydney Southeast Asia Centre and the Nordic Institute for Asian Studies

Postgraduate students researching Southeast Asia at an Australian or Nordic research institution are invited to attend this online workshop, which aims to create awareness and encourage students to think about the context of their research.

  • Who: Higher Degree by Research students with interests in Southeast Asia who are currently enrolled in an Australian or Nordic research institution
  • When: 3-6 May 2021
  • Where: Online

We invite applications from current postgraduate research students to attend this online workshop. The aim of this workshop is to create awareness and encourage students to think about the context of their research. In it, we engage with three domains of research context:

  • Contemplating your own research and knowledge production against the backdrop of tensions in the North/South dichotomy and the move to “decolonise” research and bring local and indigenous voices and perspectives to the fore
  • Honing understanding of how political context can impact conducting research and fieldwork in Southeast Asia
  • Bringing your knowledge of regional political contexts up to date by attending the annual Politics in Action event
  • Situating your own research in global debates and making the case for the importance of studying Southeast Asia

In each session we invite academic experts to share their insights and experiences on how your research will benefit from a deeper engagement with each of these themes. The sessions will include opportunities to discuss your own research in small, facilitated, group discussions and to ask questions of our experts. Each session will be supplemented with some key readings to help students better integrate these ideas into their research approach, methodology, and publication plans.

More information on the event can be found here.