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New workplace students at NIAS

We are happy to welcome Anna Silvia Petrignano and Astrid Askehave Henriksen to NIAS.

Silvia writes:

I am an Italian Master’s student of Development and International Relations at Aalborg University, Denmark. I did my Bachelor’s in Languages and Cultures with a major in Chinese area studies at University of Carlo Bo’ in Pesaro, Italy.

My MA thesis aims to analyze the current regional security architecture in the Asia-Pacific by framing the role and rise of China in the region. The study of Asia-Pacific regionalism requires a comprehensive, multidimensional and multidisciplinary perspective that encompasses different regional facets including economic, business, politico-security and socio-cultural dimension. My attempt is to set a lens on the security matter by firstly conveying the regional identity process, the theoretical approach and, then, the security dilemma by tracing the actual threats in the region. Taking China as a case study, it is essential to understand its strategy in order to cope with the geopolitical setting and how this could affect neighboring countries. In the view of what has been said, I will try to investigate whether or not the Asia-Pacific is going to be moving toward a deeper integration, also whether China’s policies are going to foster such regional phenomenon.

Astrid Writes:

I have a bachelor in Chinese business, language and culture from Copenhagen Business School. After my bachelor I moved to Beijing to pursue a Master’s degree in Innovation Management at Sino Danish Center. I am back in Denmark now to finish my degree and write my master thesis.

I am writing on Open Innovation and Crowd Sourcing. Two vital elements in today’s fast-moving business world. Many Chinese companies are embracing this new approach to R&D and are already benefiting greatly. Companies such as Haier and Huawei have already built open platform ecosystems, where stakeholders, the companies themselves and consumers can meet and innovate, exploring tomorrows business ideas. A lot of research has been done on innovative production companies as Haier and Huawei, but Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing in public institutions is yet to be researched. With my thesis I want to research how successes of Open Innovation and stakeholder/consumer involvement in production companies can be transferred to public institutions. This will be done by looking into the already established public data platforms monitored by Copenhagen Solutions Lab under Copenhagen Municipality. Researching if simply making data available to the public is enough to achieve innovation, or if Copenhagen Municipality should look towards companies such as Haier, and adopt their successful strategic take on Open Innovation and Crowd Sourcing.