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New workplace student at NIAS

NIAS is happy to welcome Iben Carlsen.

Iben writes:

I am studying Advanced Migration Studies, an interdisciplinary master’s degree at University of Copenhagen and I hold a BA degree in International Development Studies from Roskilde University. As a part of my studies, I have spent one semester in Tamil Nadu in India and done an internship with the Danish Embassy in Myanmar.

Research Area
I am writing my master’s thesis on community-based tourism (CBT) in Myanmar (Burma). 
CBT offers an alternative to mass tourism by focusing on sustainability and empowerment of marginalised communities. Based on fieldwork done in different CBT sites in Myanmar, I research how CBT is understood among external stakeholders working with CBT and how it is practised within the communities. I also look into different meanings of empowerment and to what extent CBT can be used as an empowerment tool in the context Myanmar where the military is still a powerful force.