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New workplace student at NIAS

Ívar Vincent Smárason is a new workplace student at NIAS, he will be at NIAS until this Summer.

Ívar writes:
"I am writing my master’s thesis on the topic of China‘s Arctic policy. I specifically want to focus on how the Nordic countries have reacted to and conceptualised China’s involvement in the Arctic, especially in terms of investment and infrastructure projects. The Arctic is a bold new frontier for China with lots of possibilities but there are equally as many obstacles. Recently, there has been some public backlash to China’s engagement within the Nordic countries. This begs the question whether China’s involvement in the Arctic vis-à-vis the Nordic countries has permanently harmed their “Arctic identity” in any way, and whether that might impact China’s future Arctic aspirations?

I am a master’s student at Lund University in Sweden where I study Asian studies, focusing on China. I hold a BA degree in political science from the University of Iceland.”