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Wahiduzzaman Siddique, MA, University of Tampere

"I am Wahid and I am from Bangladesh. I am studying Master’s programme in Peace Mediation and Conflict Research at Tampere University, Finland. I did my bachelor International Relations at University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. At this moment I am doing my master’s thesis on “Impact of Rohingya Refugee on Local Host Community”. Beside studies, I have engaged myself in different voluntary works with Save the Children, Finnish Refugee Council and Finnish Red Cross. After graduation, I aspire to pursue a career in one of the humanitarian aid organizations."


Trine Flaaøien, MA, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

"I am a master student at the Norwegian University of Science and Technoloy in Trondheim. I am studying sceince and technology studies. In my master thesis, I am writing about China's increase use of dockless sharing bicycles. The purpose of the study is to enhance the understanding of dockless bike-sharing in China, focusing on issues such as teh reason for the popularity of the bike, the understanding of the users, and teh impact on the city and residents' daily life."