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Kaisa Tolvanen, MA Student, University of Tampere.

Tibetan Buddhism in Finland from 1970’s to 1980’s.

My name is Kaisa and I come from the University of Tampere, Finland. As a history MA student I am examine how Tibetan Buddhism come to Finland in 1970's. I ask what kind of mentality in society as well as individuals' lives allowed Buddhism to spread to Finland. My main sources are the interviews I have made but I am also looking at new papers and television programs from that time as well as people's own personal archives, such as photographs and diaries.    

I applied SURPA scholarship because Denmark plays a role in a scene - first Tibetan lamas come to Finland through Denmark.  Here in Copenhagen I have set a task to myself to get to know better one of these lamas, called Tarab Tulku.
I am also a mother of three children, so this opportunity to come here and have a peaceful time to write means a lot to me.

Yue song, MA Student, University of Oslo.

The Challenges and Potentials for the Revival of Cycling in China

I am currently doing my master in the Centre for development and environment at University of Oslo. I got my bachelor degree in Resources Environment and Management of urban and rural planning and minor in finance at Sun Yet-sen University, Guangzhou China. I am interested in sustainable city development and planning, especially sustainable transport system. I am greatly impressed by the recently bikeshare wave in China. Although bike sharing is not a new concept globally, what differs in China is its “dockless” operating system and the fierce market share competition among different companies. In my thesis, I want to explore: does contemporary popularity of sharebikes bring a possibility of the revival cycling in China? The potentials and challenges towards a more sustainable travelling practice.