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Soumi Banerjee, MS Global Studies, Lund University, Sweden.
Gendering Nationalism: Construction of "self" and "other" in the narratives of Partition of India.

Soumi Banerjee from the Department of Global Studies, Lund University, is pursuing her final year of her Masters programme. She has previous experience of working as a Research assistant at the Department of Political science with the project on Crisis and Trauma: gender violence post-disaster in Pakistan, and currently she is working as a Teaching assistant in SASNET (South Asian Studies Network) in Lund University. She completed her bachelors with a major in Political science, from Presidency University, Kolkata, and in her bachelor’s project she did extensive study on the Indo-Pak Relations from a political discourse shaping identity relations. was For her master’s thesis, she is inspired by the Ontological security theory and will be exploring the origin of recent wave of Hindu nationalism in India through studying its post-colonial past in order to conceptualize the politics of hatred, emotions and memories of trauma as a device to reawaken race pride among the Hindus.



Netta Lagus, MA Student, East-Asian studies at Helsinki University.
North Korea's role in world politics and who has the right to own nuclear weapons.

I am a master student from Helsinki University, Finland, majoring in East-Asian Studies. I have a bachelor degree in Asian studies, have spent some time studying aboard (Japan) and done secondary studies in Cognitive Science and Strategy, which I studied in Finnish National Defence University. I am currently working on my thesis about North Korea's role in world politics, which is intertwined with the nuclear weapons issues these days. In my thesis, I try to find out how North Korea became such a country it is today, how other nations' pressure or aid have influenced its development, and what role nuclear weapons have played in this.