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New Guest Researcher at NIAS

Nguyen Thanh Tam has just arrived at NIAS, she will be here for the next 3 months.

Tam is a legal adviser on international trade and business law at the Law Office Huynh Nam, Hanoi, Viet Nam. She is Associate Professor and former Dean of the Faculty of International Trade and Business Law at Hanoi Law University in Viet Nam.

During Tam’s stay as a guest researcher at NIAS, she is working on the political, economic and legal issues for Nordic businesses operating in “globalizing” Viet Nam. The purpose of the research is to support Nordic businesses to understand better the advantages and challenges of the business environment in Viet Nam - an emerging market, which is smaller than other Asian markets, but not less attractive in the context of new trends of global and ASEAN’s FDI.

The outputs of the research will be an article published in an academic journal and a presentation / talk about the business environment in “globalizing” Viet Nam.