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udFORSK ASIEN! - Forskningensdøgn


Over to dage (den 28. og 29. april) afholdt Det Samfundsvidenskabelige Fakultetsbibliotek Forskningens Døgn sammen med NIAS, ADI og KU’s Samfundsvidenskabelige Fakultet. 60 mennesker blev guidet rundt til forskellige oplæg om Asien i bibliotekets kreativt udsmykkede gange, hvor forskning til lejligheden blev formidlet, så alle fra gymnasieelever til den interesserede borger kunne være med. Asiatiske forfriskninger og live musik spillet på shakuhachi af forsker og musiker Kiku Day bidrog til helhedsoplevelsen.

Giao Xingjian: Guest lecture at NIAS

Guest Lecture by Gao Xingjian, Nobel Prize winner in Literature: Literature and IdeologyGao Xingjian, born January 4, 1940 in Ganzhou (Jiangxi province) in eastern China, is today a French citizen. ;Writer of prose, translator, dramatist, director, critic and artist. Gao Xingjian grew up during the aftermath of the Japanese invasion, his father was a bank official and his mother an amateur actress, who stimulated the young Gao's interest in the theatre and writing.

Donald K Swearer: Buddhist Economics and Thailand's Sufficiency Economy


In the aftermath of the 1997 Asian economic crisis the philosophy of Sufficiency Economy has risen to prominence in national discourse in Thailand inspired, in particular, by its association with His Majesty King Bhumbol Adulyadej. Sufficiency Economy has been hailed by its proponents as an antidote to the excesses of global capitalism, while it has been reviled by opponents as unrealistic utopianism. Others interpret Sufficiency Economy as a form of Buddhist Economics, an expression of the values and principles of Thailand's dominant religion, although critics argue that "Buddhist Economics" is a contradiction in terms. This lecture proposes to to examine and problematize both "Buddhist Economics," and "Sufficiency Economy."