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Past PhD Course - 2012

"Doing Gender Studies in Global Contexts"

This PhD course introduced and discussed theory and knowledge production in gender studies from
interdisciplinary social sciences and humanities perspectives using the Nordic countries and/or China as examples and concrete cases.

The course focused on the very practical level of actually doing gender studies in terms of issues such as:

  • the use and development of gender theories
  • the relationship between the political promotion of gender equality and academic research developing epistemologies and methodologies
  • How the inclusion of a gender dimension makes a difference in the academic production of knowledge.


The more overall issues that were addressed include:

Similarities and differences in the ways gender studies have evolved in the global South and North in various contexts of welfare, democracy, economic development and civil society. How theories and research practices in China and the Nordic countries have evolved as part of global gender studies and transnational feminisms. As well as how hegemonic discourses and influential theories that have travelled to China and/or the Nordic countries from other parts of the world have been received, shaped and applied.

Place: Nordic Centre, Fudan University, Shanghai
Date: 24-25-26 October 2012
Organizers: NIAS, Nordic Centre

For the budget, please see: PhD_course_budget_2012.pdf