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Professor Li Xing

Friday, February 27, 2015

The Fudan Centre is proud to announce that Professor Li Xing from University of Aalborg, expert in international and political economy, Development and International relationships aswell as China as a whole, will be arriving to hold a lecture on “Understanding the dialectics between hegemony and world order. The rising powers and the emerging world re-order.” on the 27th of February, 2015. Besides sharing his knowledge and holding a lecture, there will also be a chance for discussion. For more info feel free to contacnt

Feel free to bring your own lunch. Tea, coffee and FRIDAY CAKE is served. 

Venue: Øster Farminagsgade 5, 1353, CSS, NIAS Meeting room, 18.1.18
Time: 27th Feb, 2015. 13.00-14.30


Registration: The event is free but a sign up is required. Write a email to with name and organisation.


The seminar aims at providing a framework for understanding the nexus between hegemony and world order with a present-day focus on the dialectic relationships between the US-led/West-based existing world order and the emerging world order brought about by the rise of China and other emerging powers. The emerging powers are reshaping the world order characterized by “interdependent hegemony”. The proposed concept of “interdependent hegemony” explains that the hegemonic structure of the existing world order, including its norms and values, material wealth and institutions is in an increasingly intertwined interconnection and co-existence with the emerging world order. There exists a dialectic nexus between the rise of the emerging powers and the existing world order as an interdependent dynamic process of mutual challenge, mutual constraint, and mutual accommodation. The future world order will neither be based on the domination and universalization by one single country or one core civilization, nor will it be replaced by alternative hegemonic structure seemingly favored by the emerging powers. Hegemony of world order still exists, but it exists in a form of “interdependent co-existence”.


New student assistant and contact.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

The NIAS FUDAN center has recently hired a new assistant, Viktor Münter. Viktor will be helping Mr. Liu ChunRong with his daily assignments as well as other research related work. Viktor is currently studying Chinese studies at the University of Copenhagen and has recently returned from a 6 month abroad program in Beijing. 

Feel free to contact for more info:

Upcoming events and lectures.

FUDAN plans to hold several interesting and dynamic lectures in the coming months, inviting experts on several various subjects to come and share their knowledge. The areas discussed will be China, in the fields on economics, environment, politics, government, urbanization and more. The first lecture will be in the end of February and more info is to come.